Jupiter Florida Police Captain Suspended for Failing Make DUI Arrests

By Mary Ann

A Jupiter Florida Police Department captain was suspended for failing to arrest the son and daughter of the town’s parks and recreation director for DUI after he had pulled them over on suspicion of DUI. The Jupiter Police Chief reprimanded the police captain for failing to follow DUI policy. He wrote in the official reprimand that the captain compromised his integrity when he allowed the two DUI suspects to escape arrest because of their relationship to a town official. 

Another Jupiter police officer was under investigation, recently, for failing to arrest a fellow officer on DUI charges, claiming that the department was short of manpower that evening.

The Jupiter police chief reiterated that “our policy says that if a police officer suspects a person is operating a vehicle while under the influence, he must give a field sobriety test.” “It also says that if the individual is found to be under the influence, the officer will make the arrest. This is what should have happened.”

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