Join the Army, See the World … Avoid Jail for New Mexico DUI

By Mary Ann

A Kirtland New Mexico man, convicted of causing injury to his passengers while DUI, is being allowed to join the US Army as an alternative to going to jail.

Tommy Harwood pled guilty to DUI and causing great bodily harm by vehicle after he rolled his pickup truck in January 2005. He was facing a year in prison, but District Judge Thomas Hynes recently granted him a conditional discharge. His record will be wiped clean if passes a physical exam and is accepted into the Army. If Harwood isn’t accepted, the judge can revoke the conditional discharge and resentence him.

Judge Hynes said it was Harwood’s idea to join the Army in lieu of serving a jail sentence. “If he winds up in the middle of Iraq, he isn’t going to think this is a privilege. We are engaged in a war and need some people to step up to the plate.”

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sure why not put them in the army. When you get a DUI here, you get a letter of reprimand in your file (which keeps you from going any further in your career.) but after you serve your 3 or 4 years you get out with no record. Soldiers need to be held responsible for there actions.

i am tommy harwood and i am currently in afghanistan, i thank judge thomas hynes for the opportunity he gave me it was alot of work i did it i lost 80 pounds to get here in 4 months. now im running from bombs and bullets but my life isnt ruined i am very thankful for this chance. i messed up but i could be home popen out babies living on well fare hidding from unpaid child support like most males my age. i have a future and i am making the best of my life

I know Tommy personally,he is not a bad person at all just made a bad choice. And has steped up and taken responsibility he has sacraficed a lot to be where he is at right now,fighting for our freedom and the freedom of others.I wish him well and pray for his safety my hat goes off to you Tommy!

In life we make choices and decisions which affect us after we have learned through arrest and detention. In Harwood’s case, he learned from his mistake and took his own rehabilitation by joining into the United States Army. We all know military basic training teaches young men and woman how to become responsible and learn how to work together as a team by building unity and instilling the Army Values.

I must say if he doesn’t become a repeated offender and continues to be a productive member of society because of the opportunity he was given and the choice he made to make a difference to himself then “SOCIETY” has produced a very good product.

Tommy better thank his lucky-ass stars. I am a felon in california. I pled guilty to a DUI causing harm in 2006. Before my wife, before my daughters, before I cared about anything. Now I cant find work. I cant enlist. I was denied my petition to reduce my felony. I am a National Certified Medical Assistant (2008). I am working on my associates degree for computer engineering. I even scored a 47/50 on my pre-asvab. Every road to change my life has failed and now my family pays for my mistake.
Tommy, you better be something great in life. You better touch humanity in some way or at least invent the longer laster coppertop because you have no idea what its like to see you daughter cry and you cant make life better for her. And dont try to use war as an excuse, because I would gladly fight for my famliy to live better. With or without politics.
anyone e-mail me with full criticizm. I’ve lost all my hurt feelings. carloscarrion1314@yahoo