Inmate Gives Himself the Ultimate Price for DUI

By Mary Ann

A Northbrook, Illinois man arrested for DUI hung himself in a Cook County Illinois jail.

Chong Sim was arrested Tuesday night on suspicion of DUI and taken to a jail facility where he was charged with felony DUI. He was to appear for a bond hearing this morning.

Deputies said there was no indication that Sim was suicidal but, nonetheless, followed protocol for all arrestees by removing his belt and shoelaces and placing him a cell by himself. At about 2:45 am, Sim asked for something to drink and was given a bottle of fruit juice. When deputies returned fifteen minutes later, he was found hanging by his pants. They called 911, but he could not be resuscitated.

One must wonder what else was going through the man’s mind. Losing your driver’s license isn’t worth suicide.

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