Idaho Politician Claims Amnesia Related to DUI Accident

By Mike

An Idaho politician who was involved in a DUI arrest last Father’s Day claims that he cannot remember many details about his arrest, which has troubled skeptical voters and members of his own party in the Idaho Senate.

According to a recent report from the Idaho Press-Tribune, which recently interviewed Rep. John McGee about his DUI arrest, McGee’s arrest came after his erratic driving caused him to jackknife an SUV and its cargo trailer.

After McGee was arrest, police discovered that his blood alcohol level was almost twice the legal limit, although the politician still contends that he remembers nothing from that night. McGee said he remembers having a few “celebratory drinks” after winning a golf tournament, but that the rest of the night was a blur.

For his actions, McGee pleaded guilty to the charge of a DUI, but police later dropped their charge that he was driving the car without the owner’s consent.

After his guilty plea, McGee spent 36 hours in jail (which was a far cry from the possible 180 days he could have spent behind bars), and performed 24 hours of community service. He was also fined $1,000 and, because it was his first offense, under Idaho DUI law, the arrest may be removed from his record if he follows the terms of his probation.

Of course, while his criminal record may eventually be clear, his record in the court of public opinion may have suffered long-term damage.

This week, the senator will learn whether he will retain his position as the Republican Senate Caucus chairman, or if his party will remove him from the position for fear of a public outcry.

Too be fair, McGee certainly isn’t the first politician who has recovered his position after a DUI accident, but the Idaho public remains skeptical about his ability to serve as a senator.

Nevertheless, McGee continues to fight for his position in the senate, and pictures he showed the Idaho Press-Tribune seem to support his claim that the injuries he suffered in the accident have fogged his memory of the events that led up to the crash.

Sources indicate that these photos reveal discoloration and a wide scab on the top of his head, as well bruises and deep abrasions on his waist, left knee, and torso.

And, despite McGee’s poor decision—which he readily admits was wrong—he may offer a good example of an otherwise responsible person who made one terrible decision.

Many DUI arrests, in fact, involve responsible members of the community who don’t know their own limits. In order to avoid making a similar mistake, other drivers should remember that getting behind the wheel after a few drinks is never worth the risk to one’s reputation.

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