Have a Fun and Safe Celebratory Weekend

By Mary Ann

Guest blog post written by MrCheckpoint

For a fun and safe and celebratory weekend, MrCheckpoint recommends the following tips:

  • Map out a safe route home before the festivities begin
  • If you plan on drinking, find a sober driver and leave your car keys home
  • Taxis, call a friend or family member or use the buses and/or trains
  • Use 911 services if you recognize a potential drunk driver on the roadway
  • Offer help to a drunk person in an effort to get the person home safely and take his/her keys away for their own safety
  • Sign up at MrCheckpoint for free DUI Checkpoint text alerts

Sobriety Checkpoints have been discovered to be very beneficial in reducing the number of alcohol related deaths and injuries on the streets.

Therefore, checkpoints are not set up to harass drivers, but are in place as a safety measure. In addition to this, research supports the 20% decrease in alcohol related crashes.

There will be momentary stops for all drivers passing through the police checkpoints. Motorists can expect to have their licenses and insurance information checked and measures taken to determine their level of alcohol and/or drug impairment.

There are penalties involved for driving while impaired, which include things from fees, fines, DUI classes, license suspension as well as jail time.

Not having a sober, designated driver has caused fatal consequences for impaired drivers. In fact nearly 10,000 people were killed in 2011 as a result of there being at least one driver or motorcycle rider with a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or higher.

Again, there is documented evidence that shows checkpoints to be very useful and effective tools for any DUI enforcement strategies. What makes them most effective is when they are well publicized.

Get real time DUI Checkpoint text alerts free when you text the word NODUI to the number 51515.

A very effective safety measure, checkpoints are an essential part of keeping motorists, pedestrians, and the general public safe. Without checkpoints, we risk more people dying and being injured. Instead of causing apprehension, DUI checkpoints should engender security with the people of any community.

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