Future Ignition Interlocks for all Drivers a Possibility

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Drinking and driving is a universal problem and many are searching for solutions.

Although most people start out with good intentions, one drink leads to another. Before you know it, you hit the brick wall and attempt to figure out how the night took a turn for the worse.

You go back and forth questioning your ability to drive and many times, unfortunately, the wrong choice is made.ย  You start the car increasing your chances of committing a DUI offense and worse endangering yourself or others on the road.

But what if there was technology that could decide for you?ย  What if it could tell that your blood alcohol level was over the limit? What if it would not let you start your vehicle to drive home?

For example, if a driver drinks way too much past the predetermined limit, then an ignition interlock will not start the vehicle.

These are usually placed in the vehicles of convicted impaired drivers and commercial vehicles to promote safe driving.

But we are jumping into the future and the realizations that the dangers of drinking and driving affect everyone on the roads. We live in a world where alcohol is a part of everyday life and when mixed with driving can be a deadly and costly combination.

A company in Canada called Alcohol Countermeasure System Corp is investing $18 million in the “next generation” of alcohol-sensing technology. They hope to commercialize this product to combat future drinking and driving.

Some countries have started putting these devises in public buses, school buses and taxis to prevent anyone caring passengers from getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Volvos are being built with alcohol sensors and will be sold throughout North America. This way if you decide to get into your car and youโ€™ve had one too many, then your car wonโ€™t start – saving you from making the wrong decision.

These devices will no longer be just a form of punishment but of method of teaching drivers to not drink and drive.

Unfortunately in some situations we can’t judge for ourselves. Hopefully modern technology can help stop not only our generation but future ones from getting a DUI offense and worse.

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Next thing you know there will be sensors in your house to keep you from drinking too much. Or even a chip implanted in your body.

So much for a democracy. Welcome to communism.

If you want to learn about the latest in ignition interlock technolgy, go to Their device features positive photgraphic identification, GPS tracking, automatic download and real time information as events occur. Best of all, E911 is alerted immediately if a person blows a positive. The police can then track the car and intercept the vehicle before an accident occurs–now that’s technolgy!!!

In response to Reen: Now THAT’S facisim! ๐Ÿ˜› Funny how we let our emotions get in the way of laws isn’t it?

Part of being a *free country* means being allowed to make mistakes and learn from them……………………………….even if the mistakes cost a life because if a drunk driver kills someone it’s not like they are going away scott-free anyways. ๐Ÿ˜›

Next they will consider it attempted murder just because Joe is pulled over and had a little *too much* to drink even though he never killed anyone but hey if that makes our roads safer………………………..

If it walks like a duck, Quacks like a duck and craps like a duck it’s a duck..

If it walks like a criminal……………………………………………… ๐Ÿ˜›

Senior Officer with moral values says:

“Ohh boo hoo we gotta pull over poor Joe and slap him with a life-lasting felony so he will never be able to have his desk-job again since he is a murderer.”

Senior Officer: “So who did Joe kill? as I don’t recall any death news or calls of DUI related deaths on our end.”

Judge: No one but we can’t allow him too so he has to be charged for attempted murder by thought/provoking which the provokin is to drink. ๐Ÿ˜›

Witness: Hmmmmmm that’s an odd sentence………………

Judge: you DARE question the judge!? Judges go by the law perfectly and if we want advice we will ask for it now ORDER IN THE COURT! *Slams grovel down*

You are also under arrest for obstrucing law enforcement so turn in your badge……………………………….

Senior Officer: But sir I just asked a question

Judge: SILENCE! You are now charged with tampering with evidence!

Take him away!

Officer also goes to jail.

Technology can do a lot for law enforcement, but it is important to keep our privacy rights at the same time. If people are interested in getting an ignition interlock system or they are required to, I would recommend doing your research and contacting various interlock producers before purchasing.