Former Judge and Prosecutor Sentenced in Texas DUI

By Mary Ann

A former Texas judge and prosecutor pled guilty to driving while intoxicated. He was arrested only two weeks ago, and charged with speeding, DUI, and refusing to submit to a BAC test. He had a open beer in the car, but was not charged for that.

The judge pled guilty to DUI and was fined $750 and required to attend DUI school. His driver’s license was suspended for 120 days. He was given credit for 24 hours of jail time served, though he didn’t have to serve the full 24 hours. A 24 hour jail sentence is standard for first time DUI offenders in Texas. He was also fined for speeding and ordered to pay court costs. The charge of refusing to submit to a BAC test was dismissed.

The judge had resigned from the bench after being arrested on a felony charge of leaving the scene of an accident. He had crossed the center line and struck another vehicle. He fled the scene, on foot, and was later arrested at his home.

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