Former Denver Bronco’s DUI Appeal Denied

By Mary Ann

Colorado’s Supreme Court refused to hear a appeal from former Denver Broncos linebacker John Mobley. Mobley had appealed his seven day jail sentence for DUI.

At Mobley’s DUI trial, in April 2004, his attorneys argued that his conviction was a case of racial profiling. They had also argued Mobley’s failure in roadside sobriety tests was the result of concussions and other football injuries. Mobley had testified he had been pulled over at least 12 times in the 12 months preceding his trial.

Mobley had been sentenced to 365 days in jail, but the judge suspended all but seven days. He was also sentenced to two years of probation and 100 hours of public service and was ordered to pay a $600 fine.

Mobley was released from the Broncos due to a lingering neck injury. He has not returned to the NFL.

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