Fighting a First DUI Offense

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It does not matter your age, economic status or vehicle when you are in the turmoil of your first DUI offense.

It is scary.

The fear of realizing what could have happened and the fear of what will happen, these are legitimate concerns when trying to understand your DUI arrest.

When faced with a DUI, especially your first DUI, it is imperative to find a DUI lawyer.

Find an attorney who is familiar with DUI offenses and has the connections and expertise to gain the best possible outcome.

Below are some key characteristics to look for when deciding on legal counsel to help in a DUI arrest.

  • Make sure the attorney is ABA (American Bar Association) approved in your state.
  • Find out if there are any complaints against the attorney. If there are, decide how pertinent they are to your case and if they warrant continuing the search.
  • Does the lawyer have an established payment arrangement – one that meets your needs?
  • Are they available to handle your case from start to finish? Make sure the DUI attorney has the resources to handle all aspects of your case.

Finding a DUI attorney to help you fight your DUI offense, may help lighten the harm to your financial, social and overall well being.

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I think that if you get a DUI you should be punished by having poop smeared on you.

Dui are bs. Just like mad. So much for constitutional rights, you don’t have any!