Extremely Drunk Driver Rescued from Truck Dangling over Oregon Bridge

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A drunk driver in Oregon was rescued by emergency personnel after his pickup truck crashed through a guardrail and left him hanging from an overpass, according to a riveting report from CBS News.

Sources say 38-year-old Matthew Alan Hamilton was driving his truck along a highway in Beaverton, Oregon, when he drunkenly plunged through a guardrail that protected vehicles from a precipitous drop.

After speeding through the guardrail, Hamilton, who fortunately was the only person in his truck, was left hanging vertically over a four-lane highway below the bridge.

The first responders to the scene were from Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, and sources say they “safely secured” the vehicle to prevent it from falling into the highway while Hamilton sat nervously in the front seat.

A picture from the scene reveals that Hamilton’s truck seemed to be defying the rules of physics by remaining attached to the bridge, and observers believe Hamilton was very lucky to have only suffered minor injuries in the crash.

Sources say Hamilton had to be pulled from the hanging truck by a fire engine that had a special basket. In addition, the highway below the hanging truck had to be shut down for several hours as highway workers removed the truck.

Despite his remarkable rescue, Hamilton’s troubles are just beginning. Sources say he had a blood alcohol level of 0.50 percent at the time of the crash, which is more than six times the legal limit of 0.08 percent in Oregon.

Immediately after he was rescued, Hamilton performed a field sobriety test for police officers, and apparently failed with flying colors.

According to sources, a brief analysis of Hamilton’s body weight and blood alcohol level suggest that, if he had been drinking for three hours before the crash, he would have had to consume 26 typical beers to reach such an incredible level of drunkenness.

To be fair, Hamilton had probably been drinking for longer than three hours, but such figures can give the reader some idea of how difficult it is to register such a remarkable blood alcohol percentage.

After his arrest, Hamilton was taken to the Washington County Jail, which is probably less frightening than hanging over a four-lane highway in a crippled pickup. He is being held on a $8,260 bond.

The wayward driver has been charged with four counts of probation violation, reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, and driving under the influence.

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