DWI Driver Strikes Pedestrian, Continues Driving

By Topher

Residents of the large southern state claim that everything is bigger in Texas. A grisly recent story suggests that this adage applies to the magnitude of DUI incidents, as well.

After bizarre incident, a Texas man has been accused of striking a pedestrian on a Houston freeway, then failing to recognize that the victim had crashed through the passenger-side window.

According to sources, the victim of the accident, a 32-year-old man, had broken down on the side of Interstate 45 and was running back and forth across the highway seeking help.

At some point, James John Onak approached in his black Mazda and allegedly struck the man. The force of the impact sent the man flying through Onak’s windshield, killing him instantly.

The death of the pedestrian is certainly tragic by itself, but the police report reveals a truly bizarre ending to the tale.

After the impact, Onak continued driving down the highway until he was pulled over by local police two miles down the road after the police saw severe damage to the front end of Onak’s car.

When the officers discovered the man’s body in Onak’s car, the driver simply stated that he had hit something earlier but did not recall what it was. The police claim that Onak did not recognize the presence of the dead body in his car until he left the vehicle.

One of the officers on the scene, using a keen intuitive sense, detected that Onak might be driving under the influence of alcohol or drug.

After performing a mandatory blood draw, the police later charged Onak with driving while intoxicated, also known as a DWI arrest.

Onak was also charged with a felony for failing to stop and render aid, as well as a felony for causing an accident involving injury.

If he is convicted on all the charges, Onak could spend two to 10 years in prison. Sources also anticipate that Onak could face more charges as the police continue to investigate the bizarre accident.

While the story suggests that Onak could spend a significant amount of time behind bars, one Houston police officer warns that is conceivable that Onak simply did not see the man enter his vehicle through the windshield.

This is unlikely, but Onak’s alleged failure to witness the man’s death could provide him a strong defense.

Onak’s fate will likely not be determined for at least a few months, but his legacy has already been solidified in the minds of the officers who responded to the scene.

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