DUI Convictions Become Political Football in Illinois

By Mary Ann

A candidate for trustee in Round Lake, Illinois is condemning a mayoral candidate for his support of a fellow candidate with a DUI conviction.

DUI convictions have become the scarlet letter of the 21st century throughout the United States. In Round Lake, Trustee Ken Schnur, who is seeking reelection, is criticizing Trustee and mayoral candidate John Teubert for running on a slate including a candidate who was convicted of DUI seven years ago.

Schnur condemned Teubert for using a double standard to support Luis Martinez for village board. Last year Teubert called for the resignation of a Grayslake, Illinois elementary school board member, Kristen Coe Peek, when she pleaded guilty to DUI.

Teubert said the comparison between the two cases isn’t fair. He said he called for Coe Peek to resign because she was in a position that influences children and Martinez’s legal troubles came before he ever held or ran for elected office.

Martinez said “I don’t drink and drive. I was younger, I had a drink thinking it would be nothing and that’s what happened. It was childish and I know it’s not going to happen again.”

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