Drunk but Not Driving DUI Arrest

By Mary Ann

We’ve mentioned many times that you can get a DUI offense in vehicles other than cars. This includes drunk driving of snow mobiles, scooters, riding lawnmowers, etc.

But, could face a DUI arrest even if you aren’t driving.

How’s that? The Connecticut Supreme Court recently ruled in the case of a man who started his car in a parking lot, sat in the driver’s seat while drunk but did not drive anywhere.

The court ruled that merely starting a vehicle is considered operating a vehicle. So the DUI conviction, which a lower court had overturned, was reinstated.

There are other examples in the DUI world of people being arrested even though they weren’t “driving” at the time. There are cases where a drunk driver got on the road, realized he was drunk and pulled over to rest or “sleep it off.” In these cases, you may be arrested for DUI even if you aren’t “driving” when police arrive.

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Even non-motorized vehicles like bicycles and kick scooters can lead to DUI arrests. I also heard a guy got a DUI in the PASSENGER seat of a car because he grabbed ahold of the steering wheel while the driver took a bite of his hamburger. So they let the driver go with a ticket but arrested his passenger for DUI because he was drunk and technically was operating the vehicle when he grabbed the wheel. Strange huh?