Driving Under The Influence of Drowsiness

By Mike

Though you may already know the dangers of driving while intoxicated, you should also be aware of another deadly form of driving. Drowsy driving claims hundreds of drivers each year in fatal crashes.

driving under influence drowsiness

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Crash Report

Drowsy driving causes numerous deaths, injures thousands, and results in tremedous destruction of property every year.

Average Annual Drowsy-Related Accidents from 2005 to 2009

  • Fatal: 886
  • Injury: 37,000
  • Property Damage Only: 45,000
  • Average Total: 83,000

Driver fatigue results in around $12.5 billion in monetary losses every year.

Drowsy Driving: The Demographics

Some are more likely than others to continue driving despite their level of exhaustion.

What ages typically drive while sleepy?

  • 18-29: 71%
  • 30-64: 52%
  • 65 and older: 19%

In a National Sleep Foundation poll, men were found to have a 22% chance of falling asleep at the wheel, while women only had a 12% chance.

  • 56% of men will drive while drowsy.
  • Only 45% of women would do the same.
  • 1 in 4 people with a regular daytime work schedule will drive while drowsy at least a few days a month.
  • Those who slept 6 to 7 hours a night were 2 times more likely to get into a wreck than those who slept for 8 hours.

Transportation Industry

Do you think these workers get enough sleep?

  • 45% of truck drivers say they rarely get enough sleep the night before a driving shift.
  • Of those driving a bus, limo or taxi, 43% use caffeinated beverages to stay awake at work.
  • 81% of truck drivers and 82% of bus, taxi and limo drivers get less than 8 hours of sleep on an average work night.

Sleeping at the Wheel

Many people fall asleep at the wheel but few know when to pull over and stop driving.

  • 37% of people have fallen asleep or at least nodded off at the wheel at some point in their lives.
  • Around 60% of drivers have felt drowsy while driving in the past year.
  • A study by Australian researchers uncovered that driving after not sleeping for 24 hours is equivalent to having a .10 blood alcohol concentration.

How Drivers React to Feeling Drowsy

  • Stressed: 42%
  • Impatient: 32%
  • Drive Faster: 12%

Drunk vs. Drowsy

Drunk Driving Stats

  • $37 billion in damages annually
  • 1/3 of traffic fatalities in the U.S.
  • 10,000 fatalitites in 2010.

Drowsy Driving Stats

  • 100,000 crashes annually
  • 40,000 crashes resulted in injuries
  • 1,550 fatalities annually

It’s important to note that drowsy driving is underreported, in part because there is no test for drowsiness while drunkenness can be determined by a blood test.

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