“Driver” Arrested for DUI on Golf Cart

By Mary Ann

A Muskego, Wisconsin man was arrested on suspicion of DUI and injuring a passenger while operating a golf cart.

Around the country, states have their own rules about operating “vehicles.” We’ve talked about people operating automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, horses, and even Zambonis. Now we get to look into golf carts.

A 47-year man was driving a golf cart when his passenger was thrown from the cart and struck his head. The passenger was taken to a Janesville, Wis. hospital and treated for severe head trauma.

In the New Jersey Zamboni case, the judge ruled that driving a Zamboni while intoxicated was not DUI because a Zamboni isn’t a vehicle that can be driven on the roads. A golf cart, on the other hand, has long been considered a vehicle.

The gentleman in question will likely be charged with DUI.

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