Dead Cardinals Pitcher’s Family Sues Bar for Overserving Alcohol

By Mary Ann

The father of St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock filed suit against a Missouri restaurant claiming the bar continued to serve him even though he was obviously intoxicated on the night he died in an accident.

Many states have laws on the books allowing recovery for serving an intoxicated patron.

The owner and manager of Mike Shannon’s Restaurant are named as defendants in the lawsuit. Other named defendants include Eddie’s Towing, whose flatbed truck was allegedly parked in the highway when Hancock struck it, the tow truck driver, and the owner of the vehicle the driver was assisting.

Neither Major League Baseball nor the Cardinals Baseball Club have been included in the suit.

Hancock had a blood alcohol level (BAC) nearly twice the legal limit for DUI. The lawsuit alleges Hancock was given drinks the entire time he was in the restaurant, that the tow truck was improperly in the highway, and that the driver of the automobile had negligently allowed it to stall on the highway.

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