Council Proposes Tougher South Carolina DUI Laws

By Mary Ann

The South Carolina Impaired Driving Prevention Council, made up of representatives from various state agencies and organizations involved with highway safety proposed toughening South Carolina’s DUI laws. Proposals include: 1) suspending a driver’s license for a full year upon refusal to submit to a breathalyzer test (up from 90 days), 2) eliminating South Carolina’s requirement that Miranda warnings be given to a suspected drunk driver prior to administering field sobriety and breath tests (S.C. is the only state currently requiring such Miranda warnings), 3) keeping the existing 10?year window for DUI convictions to be considered as prior offenses (rather than reducing the window to 5 years), and 4) allowing magistrates and municipal judges to hear DUI cases that carry a maximum 90?day sentence (up from the current 30?day sentence limit).

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One Response so far

The South Carolina Impaired Driving Prevention Council has to be composed of the most stupidest people on the face of the earth. When will people learn, laws are not a deterent except to people who are basically honest. You can penalize people all you want. The more you penalize them the worse their economic situation becomes. Furthermore, since alcoholism is a disease – not a behavior problem – these people will become worse as their world crumbles around them.