Civil Liability for DUI “Conspiracy”?

By Mary Ann

A pending civil case in California may determine whether third parties can be held liable for the consequences of a DUI accident.

The case, filed on behalf of the family of a bicyclist killed by a drunk driver, names the driver’s wife and brother.

The plaintiff’s attorney argues that by protecting the drunk driver’s property, providing him with automobile insurance, purchasing a vehicle for him and serving him alcohol after prior DUI arrests, the driver’s wife and brother took “joint action in support of a wrongful act.”

If the plaintiff prevails, the case will undoubtedly be appealed, but the ultimate outcome could open–or close–the door to a host of claims against those providing aid to drunk drivers.

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The drunk driver should be the only one held responsible for the consequences. Everyone has a choice to drink, and a very small percentage of people should not drive after drinking. Driving accidents occur everyday and the majority of them are not alcohol related. Leave the driver’s wifer and brother alone! There’s already enough hard working Americans who have robbed of their legal rights from conspiracy type DUI laws. Learn more: