’90s Child and Teen Stars: Who Has the Most DUIs?

By Mike

All grown up now, several child and teen stars from the ’90s have been arrested for DUI. Who has more celebrity DUI arrests: boys or girls?

teen and child stars 90s DUI

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  • Taran Noah Smith
    • Best Known for: Mark Taylor (the youngest brother), Home Improvement
    • Arrested in February 2012
  • Haley Joel Osment
    • Best Known for: The Sixth Sense
    • Arrested in August 2006
  • Nick Carter
    • Best Known for: Backstreet Boys
    • Arrested in March 2005


  • Lindsay Lohan
    • Best Known for: The Parent Trap
    • Arrested in May 2007
    • Arrested for a second DUI in July 2007
  • Amanda Bynes
    • Best Known for: All That, The Amanda Show
    • Arrested in April 2012
  • Danielle Fishel
    • Best Known for: Boy Meets World
    • Arrested in December 2007
  • Tracey Gold
    • Best Known for: Growing Pains
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