Chico California Women Discusses How Easy a DUI Can Be

By Mary Ann

A Chico California women, arrested Christmas Eve, discussed her DUI with a reporter from the Chico Enterprise-Record. Just before Christmas, this unnamed professional and respected business woman found herself dealing with family problems and a romantic breakup. Her friend was also feeling the blues, so the women stopped off for a drink. One led to another and a ‘gentleman’ buying drinks for the women. A block from home, a Chico police officer pulled her over on suspicion of DUI.

The woman’s BAC was 0.20 percent, about 2-1/2 times California’s BAC limit. After her release she discovered that she faces a fine of at least $1,750, plus fees and court costs. She also faces DUI classes for up to a year, purchasing high cost high-risk auto insurance, the cost of a lawyer, and a possible 10 month suspension of her driver’s license.

The women started attending AA after a DUI in 1998. Christmas Eve was the first time she’d had a drink in two years.

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It’s unfortunate that these things happen. Educating the public on the consequences of a DUI is very important. I don’t think too many people realize just how costly a DUI conviction is!