Central Arizona Police Make 1,900 DUI Arrests

By Mary Ann

Since November 23, police in the Central Arizona Valley have made about 1,900 DUI arrests. So far, DUI arrests are about the same as in 2004 and 2005.  In 2004, Central Arizona police made 2,591 arrests, and in 2005 there were 2,399 DUI arrests. Several of this year’s arrests were for repeat offenses. One driver who spent a morning in court due to previous DUI arrest was picked up for DUI the same night.

The Deputy Director for the department said that the high arrest numbers are a testament to the dedication of the officers who work the streets during the holidays

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One Response so far

Can you tell me if a year in prison is a “normal” sentence for someone convicted of a DUI?
And is there a webpage showing all the DUI convictions in Mesa AZ?