Can you get a DUI if your BAC is below .08?

By Mary Ann

The Maryland DUI Lawyer Blog brings up some interesting points about about the charges that can be brought against a driver even when their blood alcohol level is below the legal limit.

Let’s say you get pulled, the police administer a breathalyzer test and it turns up .06. That’s below the legal limit. But in Maryland, you can still be arrested for “driving while impaired.”

Do you need a DUI lawyer if you have been charged with driving while impaired? Maryland DUI Lawyer Blog author Bruce Robinson says yes, and he has worked on many such cases.

Also, if you are under 21-years-old, you may be impacted by “zero tolerance” laws in your state. These laws carry strict penalties for anyone under 21 found to be driving with even low amounts of alcohol in their blood.

To protect yourself, make sure you know your state DUI laws. If you’ve been arrested, for DUI or a lesser alcohol-related charge, you may want to speak with a DUI lawyer.

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Can anyone shed any light on a Breathalyzer Code “HO2?” A breathalyzer was administered to a family member at intake of what was supposed to be an outpatient treatment following an inpatient rehabilitation program. The facility told her that the readout was “H02,” seized her keys and refused to let her leave, all the while indicating that she needed to be admitted on an inpatient basis and they refused to treat her outpatient. After being stuck there for six hours, she finally had to take a cab home. If anyone can shed any light on this, it would be most appreciated.
Thank you.

Is there any truth that a Canadian arrested on a DUI 20 years and released on bail never to come back to the United States can still be charged with the impaired if he/she were to be visiting the States and questioned at the border or across the border.