Can Lindsay Lohan Buy Her Way Out of Second DUI?

By Guest Attorney

Twenty-one-year-old actress, Lindsay Lohan was arrested for her second DUI in three months. In May, she was arrested for her first DUI offense for a hit-and-run DUI. Now, she’s been arrested, not only on suspicion of DUI, but suspicion of cocaine possession.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Lohan sent an e-mail to “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush saying “I am innocent. . . . did not do drugs they’re not mine.”

Police answered a 911 call from the mother of Lohan’s personal assistant who claimed Lohan was chasing her in an SUV after the assistant had quit. Police found Lohan in a heated argument with the woman.

She was given a breathalyzer which registered a blood alcohol level between 0.12 and 0.13 percent, well over the legal limit for DUI. During a pre-booking search police say they found cocaine in her pocket.

Following her May arrest, Lohan immediately checked herself into rehab. She has again checked herself into rehab. Rehab is a standard tactic for those arrested for DUI, who can afford it. A defendant who has started rehab can demonstrate to a judge that she is already straightening out and should be given a lighter sentence.

However, most of us cannot afford rehab and certainly cannot take time off from work. So, people like Lindsay have an advantage when they go to court.

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