Mother Pleads Guilty to Allowing Son to Ride with Drunk Father

By Mary Ann

A mother from Fallbrook, California pled guilty to felony child endangerment for allowing her 6-year-old son to ride with her drunk husband.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Rosa Carachure’s husband rolled their SUV, killing her son. She was seriously injured in the crash.

Shortly after burying her son, Carachure was shocked when police charged her with a felony. Authorities accused her of knowing her husband was too drunk to drive. She could now get a year in jail.

Jose Mendoza, the father, was charged with DUI manslaughter. He could get six years in prison.

Mendoza and his wife were arguing over his drunk driving when he purposefully swerved the vehicle to show her he could drive. The SUV rolled and the child, who was not wearing a seatbelt, was ejected. Two other children were uninjured.

Some prosecutors can certainly be vindictive. Carachure’s attorney said she’s been punished enough.

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Using your logic, the father has also been punished enough. It was his son also. No wait..the SUV company should be sued because it didnt post a note in the manuel stating intoxicated drivers should obey the law. Just because this is lawyer based website doesn’t mean you have to agree with all of the supidity in the world!