Atlanta News Anchor Arrested for Drunk Driving After Causing Crash

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A popular news anchor in Atlanta, Georgia, was pulled over for drunk driving this week after causing a frightening car accident, according to a recent report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Sources say that Amanda Davis, a regular anchor on Atlanta’s Fox 5 News, was driving in the wrong direction on an arterial road when she struck a vehicle traveling in the right direction.

The crash occurred after midnight on Monday night, and Davis has been arrested for a DUI, according to Gregory Lyon, a spokesman for the Atlanta police department.

According to the police report, officers arrived on the scene after Davis caused the accident, which fortunately did not result in any serious injuries.

When Davis left her car and started speaking with the police, one officer “noticed an odor of alcohol emanating from” the news anchor, according to sources.

When the officer asked Davis if she had been drinking before the accident, she reportedly responded “in the affirmative.”

Despite her alleged confession to drinking and driving, Davis refused to perform a field sobriety test. Nevertheless, the police believed they had probable cause to arrest her due to the smell of alcohol and her behavior at the scene of the accident.

For her actions, Davis was reportedly charged with reckless driving and failure to maintain her lane, in addition to the DUI charge. Sources say the police also confiscated her license before taking her to jail.

It’s difficult to speculate on her possible punishment, but DUI drivers often face potential penalties including jail time, a large fine, or the suspension of their driver’s licenses. First-time offenders generally receive lighter punishments than repeat offenders, but this varies by jurisdiction.

One interesting note in this arrest is that Davis’ employer, Fox 5, decided to go ahead and report the incident, but sources say it only printed a brief three-sentence story on its website.

Sources note that the story did not include a picture of the anchor’s mug shot, despite the fact that the station routinely posts the mug shots of people who are arrested for drunk driving.

Several commenters on the story claimed the television station was showing bias in its reporting on the incident.

And while Davis may have received some harmless preferential treatment at the hands of her current employer, the Atlanta judge who hears her case will have to put her celebrity status aside. The public expects nothing less.

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