After DUI Stop, Trooper Shot, Husband of Drunk Driver Suspected

By Topher

Washington State Trooper Scott Johnson is lucky to be alive after he was shot in the head early on a recent Saturday morning. After all, the bullet was still in his head when he was released from the hospital.

As officials work to solve the case, a recent turn has thrown some light on who may be responsible. The latest suspect in the shooting, court papers revealed, is the husband of a woman that Trooper Johnson was investigating for DUI.

That suspect, Martin A. Jones, is in jail facing attempted murder and assault charges.

At midnight, just before the shooting, trooper Jesse Greene stopped a black van driving over the speed limit on a state road. He pulled over the woman and gave her a battery of field sobriety tests. She failed the tests, and was arrested for DUI. She was by herself in the van.

Scott Johnson arrived on the scene following the arrest, to help process the vehicle in question and to wait for a tow truck while Greene took the woman to the station.

At that point, Martin Jones approached the scene and asked a tow truck driver what he was doing. The driver replied that he was taking the vehicle to an impound lot. Jones then disappeared.

A short time later, Jones returned, walking up behind Scott Johnson, who was taking inventory of things inside the van. Jones shot Johnson twice in the head, took a step back, and chuckled, according to the tow truck driver.

The driver thought it was a toy gun, and only realized the severity of the situation when Jones fired several rounds at him, breaking out a window in the van. “I’ve been shot!” yelled Johnson, who was able to fire off several rounds at Jones as he fled the scene.

Police dogs tracked Jones’ scent back to his house. Johnson identified a sketch of Jones, who was then placed under arrest. When police arrived to arrest him, he had several suitcases packed.
Police then discovered that the van’s driver was Jones’ wife, which seemed to provide a motive in the shooting.

Jones is now in jail on $5 million bail.

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