Actors and Athletes Alike Face DUI Charges

By Topher

From actors to athletes, local police departments show no favoritism to those that drink and drive.

Rey Maualuga, a linebacker for the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals,- was recently arrested in Covington, Kentucky, for allegedly driving under the influence.

The New York Times reported that Maualuga was arrested last Friday morning and held in the Kenton County Jail for seven hours before he was released.

Responding police officers said that Maualuga admitted to drinking “six captain and cokes,” a popular alcoholic beverage containing Captain Morgan spiced rum and Coca-Cola.

When he was arrested his blood alcohol content was .157, which is twice the legal limit of .08.

Police confirmed that Maualuga’s 2003 Pontiac hit a parking meter and two parked cars. There was minor damage to his car and no injuries were reported.

According to a USA today article, Maualuga made a public apology on his twitter account: “Sorry for bringing humiliation n embarrassment to this Organization n to dis great city of Cincinnati.” He later pleaded not guilty to the charges of drunken driving and careless driving.

But Maualuga was not the only one recently arrested for DUI.

Adrian Pasdar, the actor who played Nathan Petrelli on the popular NBC TV show “Heroes,” was also recently arrested for driving under the influence.

Pasdar was pulled over on Freeway 405 in Los Angeles. Los Angeles Highway Patrol clocked the star driving 90 miles per hour at 3 a.m. on a Wednesday. They also reported that Pasdar failed to maintain his lane.

The officers said they could smell alcohol as they approached his car. They requested Pasdar take a sobriety field test. Pasdar refused to take a breathalyzer to determine his BAC.

He was then arrested for suspicion of a DUI and was taken to the nearby county jail. Since he refused to take the breathalyzer test his bail was set at $15,000. No court date has been set for the actor at this point.

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