A DUI Lesson for at least the Next 30 Years

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A Texas man who has been caught DUI eight times in the last 20 years has apparently not understood the lesson about the dangers of drunk driving, but he will have plenty of time to think it over.

Wendel Klotz was recently sentenced to a 70-year prison sentence (with the first 30 years carrying no chance for his parole) after he was arrested for the use of a deadly weapon while driving drunk.

Klotz has refused alcoholism treatment several times in the past; thus prompting the Texas county in which he was convicted to abandon its philosophy of treatment over imprisonment at least in this case.

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I just want to say that i know my father did something very bad, but i have never met him in my life. I just got the courage to write his family two years ago and now i really want to meet him. I mean i disserve that right.