Gallo “Bleaked Out” Before Crash Killing Angels’ Rookie

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Transcripts were released on Friday, June 26, detailing what happened before, during and after a DUI accident that took the life of Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart.

The 200 page report is the first to give the details about what happened on April 9th, when Andrew Gallo crashed into a car, killing three people.

The transcript reveals that Gallo remembers having two drinks at a restaurant and three at a bikini bar, intermixed with sake shots.

While his stepbrother, Raymond Rivera, tells the court about half pitcher “Boombah” beers, 1880-brand Tequila shots and drinks of Arrogant Bastard, a “very strong” ale.

The details about what the two men drank was fuzzy. Neither could recall exactly what they drank and how much. Both men describe “bleaking out” before crashing their minivan into an Eclipse carrying Adenhart and three friends.

Courtney Steward, 20, and Henry Pearson, 25 died on the scene. Adenhart, 22, died during surgery a few hours later.

The men remember coming to 90 minutes later, with not much recollection of the night.

Last month Gallo was indicted on three counts of second-degree murder, fleeing the scene with a death or injury, driving under the influence causing injury and driving with a .08% blood alcohol level causing injury.  He has plead not guilty and remains in jail with a $2 million bail set.

Source: The Press-Enterprise, ESPN



Long Island Iced Teas To Go

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On the morning of June 24, University of Louisiana at Monroe Police pulled over Michele Joseph Jr. for crossing traffic lines while driving and because the rear registration lamps weren’t lit on the vehicle he was driving.

When the officer approached Joseph, 28, smelled like alcohol and had slurred speech.  Joseph also did poorly on field sobriety tests.

The police searched the vehicle and found two cups full of alcohol, which Joseph described to the officers as “Long Island Iced Teas.”

Joseph was arrested for driving while intoxicated and traffic charges.  According to the affidavit, Joseph’s blood alcohol level was .114%.

Source: The Newsstar.com



Official Passes out in Meeting with Whiskey Bottle

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Many of us dread work meetings and may need a little pick-me-up to help get us through like a soda or afternoon coffee.

For the most part, the meeting is over in an hour or two and we move on about our day. That was not the case for one Lehigh Valley, Pa. government official.

According to police, elected Plainfield Township Supervisors Chairman Tim Frankenfield passed out drunk at a public meeting with a bottle of whiskey next to him.

Frankenfield, who had a blood alcohol level of more than twice the legal driving limit of .08%, was taken to the hospital before the meeting was over.

The police cited Frankenfield for public drunkenness. He was fined $119.50 as a penalty.

According to court records, Frankfield was cited for public drunkenness before. In December 2006 he was fined $219.50 for public drunkenness at a liquor store in Lower Nazareth Township.

Source: LA Times



Tougher DWI Laws Proposed on Breathalyzer Refusal

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According to Louisiana DUI laws, refusing a breathalyzer test can help drunk drivers avoid DUI penalties, so state Rep. Tim Burns, R-Mandeville, is looking to pass stricter DUI laws to combat this problem.

If a person refuses a breathalyzer today, he or she may face a 180 day driver’s license suspension. The new DUI laws Burns is purposing would suspend a driver’s license for one year for refusing a breathalyzer test the first time.

The bill has been passed by Louisiana lawmakers and is waiting Governor Bobby Jindal’s signature. The law would become effective Sept. 1.

“The tide has really shifted in this issue,” Burns told the press. “It wasn’t that long ago that you could have open containers in the cars, and that’s slowly been gotten rid of, and I think as we move to a society and a state that’s more conscious of this issue, it’s just trying to provide for the public safety of it’s citizens.”

The bill has been criticized by some for infringing on people’s civil liberties, but it is receiving support in most communities.

A response was sent by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, MADD, supporting the bill. MADD expressed that eventually, the group would like to see breathalyzer refusal a criminal offense.



Cleveland Browns Player Faces Jail Time

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Donte Stallworth, wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, plead guilty to DUI manslaughter today for a drinking and driving incident that resulted in him striking and killing a pedestrian.

The plea deal, which was just accepted by Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Dennis Murphy, orders Stallworth to spend 30 days in jail for the death of Mario Reyes.

In the plea agreement, Stallworth was sentenced to eights years of reporting probation, two years of community control and a lifetime driver’s license suspension. During probation, he will have many drug and alcohol tests.

The Reyes family agreed to the plea bargain, pushing for a quick agreement so the case could be resolved.

“We’ve been in intense discussions with the victims who, as far as we’re concerned, are the primary force in what is a just resolution of this case,” Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernández Rundle told the press Monday night.

Stallworth, who had a clean driving record before the DUI offense,  showed remorse over Reyes’ death and cooperated with authorities, helping to make a quick plea deal.

On March 14,  Stallworth hit and killed Reyes, a 59-year-old crane operator, who had just finished a night shift on Terminal Island. At the time, Stallworth had a blood alcohol level of .126%.

”I just want to extend my condolences to the Reyes family. My prayers are with them,” Stallworth told the press on April 2. “I have full confidence and faith in the legal process.”

Sources: The Miami Herald, WPLG Local 10: Just News



Football and Beer May Not Go Together in Texas

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Early on Monday, June 7, the general manager of the Dallas Cowboys new stadium was arrested after allegedly failing a field sobriety test. Jack Hill was found a few blocks from the stadium when he was involved in a minor collision.

The DUI arrest was a few hours after  a George Strait concert, the stadium’s inaugural event. No one was injured in the accident, reported the Arlington police, and ironically enough, the other driver appeared at fault for the accident.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is launching an investigation to determine if Hill was intoxicated while at the stadium. If it is determined that he was, there may be fines and a suspension of the news stadium’s liquor license.

If an employee is found intoxicated on a licensed premises, there is a $300 fine and suspension of the company’s license for up to 25 days, according to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code.

Source: Courthouse News Service