Was Your DUI Breath Test Fair?

By Mary Ann

In many DUI cases, the results of the breath test administered at the time of arrest are considered strong evidence.

But how accurate are breathalyzers, really? Maybe not as accurate as you (or your arresting officer) once thought. Read about DUI breath tests.



Smoking Bans = More DUI Accidents? Study Says “Yes So”

By Mary Ann

Smoking bans in bars and restaurants have seemed to be a vogue way to make such establishments more appealing and healthy places to people who may be turned off by such “vices.”

With that said, a recent study indicates that smoking bans are producing a surprising and unintended effect: a rise in fatal DUI crashes.

Don’t see the connection? Check out the article below to get a better understanding of this relationship:

Smoking Bans Contribute to Rise in Fatal DUI Crashes, Study Finds.



Tenth DWI = Life in Prison?

By Mary Ann

While DUI penalties vary from state to state, it is important to know that they most often increase after a first conviction.

Some states have DUI laws in which multiple convictions can lead to longer driver’s license suspensions, prison sentences or time spent with ignition interlock devices installed in vehicles, as just a couple of examples.

This point about increased DUI penalties for multiple convictions is especially clear in the recent case of a 53-year-old Texas man, who may now spend the rest of his living years in prison following his tenth DWI conviction:

Texas Man Convicted of 10th DWI May Die Behind Bars.

If you’re facing a DUI charge and are worried about possible penalties and prison time, don’t wait any longer to get in touch with a DUI lawyer.