2006 Celebrity DUI Arrests Revisted Before the New Year

By Mary Ann

2006 has been described as the year of the celebrity DUI and justifiably so as many high-profile figures were arrested on drunk driving charges. Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Mel Gibson, Tracy Morgan, Gus Van Sant, Haley Joel Osment and Michelle Rodriguez were just some major players from the big and small screen to be arrested for DUI in 2006.
The political and sports worlds were also fair game for DUI arrests in 2006 as U.S. Representative Patrick Kennedy (D-Rhode Island) and a slew of NFL players, including Chris Henry,  Steve Foley and Odell Thurman, faced drunk driving charges. And former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson helped punched out 2006 with his Arizona DUI early this morning.

Check out this complete list of celebrity DUI arrests in 2006.

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